Pilates For Dancers

Studio Allongé’s goal is to be a place to help dancers train smarter through Pilates while managing and understanding first hand the physical stresses and pressures that a professional career demands! We strive to help dancers find their center, create balance, and develop body awareness. Pilates helps to lengthen and elongate the dancers body while working to become aware of muscular imbalances and correct body mechanics.

The benefits in incorporating Pilates for professional and pre-professional dancers is endless. All sessions are held in a supportive, energetic and beautiful setting with a focus on individualized instruction allowing the dancer to reach their personal goals.

Professional dancers have know about the benefits of Pilates and have incorporated it into their lifestyle to improve their dancing, manage injuries and stay in-shape during breaks. My own story has led me to believe that Pilates can improve technique, turnout and flexibility and also limit injuries.

We work with our dancers individually setting up at home programs as well as helpful exercises that dancers will be able to use warming up before class or stage, in between classes as they train, and while they are on short breaks from training or layoffs.

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