Alison has worked with Athletes in the NFL, MLB, MiLB, NBA, Olympians, competitive swimmers , triathletes as well as top collegiate and high school athletes.

We believe in the benefits of training smarter not just simply harder.  We offer Pilates sessions privately or in Small Groups, developing a program that works with your other training and game schedules. As an athlete, Pilates will help you increase your strength, stability, flexibility, coordination, proprioceptive awareness, and balance. Our goal is to help you reach your optimal performance level.

Whether you are in season or looking for a program during your stay in the off-season our focus is to help you gain strength and allow you to discover a deeper way to maximize body mechanics. We understand that it is imperative to keep the body healthy and constantly in top shape. We will provide you with resources that will give you the Pilates advantage on the road or at home.

From years of experience with training  top performing athletes, Studio Allongé understands the importance of working with athletes, teams, agents, and managers confidentially and 

prioritizes the reputation of our athletes.